I’m Chelsea


The newface of your creatives! I’ve worked with various Brands in the past 2 years of being a UGC CREATOR and have loved every second of it! I would love to talk about what you think your Creatives need to get that extra boost to more success!

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Orlando, FL

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Millenial creator

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2+ years experience

Past clients

I have worked with countless other brands promoting services and products.

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Millenial who loves to connect with recent trends and the ones I grew up with

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Over 2 years of experience working with over 50 brands in different niches



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Fast turnaround times and repeat clients with 5 star reviews and analytics

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I am a homeschool mom and former music

teacher for educational content

And why that means I’m the one for you!

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Mom to 4 kids,

2 dogs, 5 chickens for

family content

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Access to the beach, pool, warm weather , farmland, city, year round

Complete Happy Family
Retro Style Surfboarding
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Runner and avid gym rat who loves sharing health and fitness tips

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Boho maximalist who loves edgy style and showing not every home is Pinterest aesthetic all the time

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Content styles

Your product tells a new story with every creative.

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Creative storytelling
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I love creating all styles of content from those seen above to more. Fun transitions, eye catching visuals, organic content, trends, and more can all tell your brand’s story in a new way with each creative.

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create magic!

Drone Footage

See your product , service, or location from

a Birds Eye view. Or incorporate drone b roll into your video.




Food and



Health and beauty

Home decor



Health and beauty


Home and Lifestyle


Travel journey


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Let’s work together


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Your new Content Wizard

I’m channeling the customer you want to attract. I am putting myself into their shoes and seeing what makes them stop scrolling.